Granite Colors

Did you know that you can find a wide variety of granite colors for countertops? Even though you will make your decision based on your personal preferences, it would be a good idea to experiment with different colors. Read on to find more about the color options as well as get some ideas to choose the best shade for your cabinets.

Most Popular Granite Colors

  • Black granite: This color will blend nicely with nearly any color.
  • Red granite: Although this color is solid and loud, it can add a chic and sophisticated style to any decor.
  • Venetian gold granite: This type of countertop can add beauty to the interior design of a kitchen or bathroom.
  • Blue granite: An earthly color that can add a serene and cool atmosphere to your bathroom.
  • Green granite: This shade represents nature and will blend with the natural outdoors to give your kitchen a refreshing feeling.
  • Beige granite: You can combine this shade with darker colors to add a classical look to your décor.

Choosing the Right Granite Colors

When it comes to choosing the color for granite countertops, there are definitely no set rules. However, you want to ensure that any color that you choose can blend perfectly with the other elements in the room. For instance, you can to choose the granite colors for countertops that would complement the cabinets and other items in the space.

You should also think about the lighting in the space when choosing the color for your countertops. For a dark room or an area that is not getting sufficient natural light, its best to opt for a light colored stone as this will brighten the space.  On the other hand, you might want to choose granite colors to add some contrast to the room. If you have light colored floors and cabinets, a dark countertop can make a huge difference.

The Best Granite Colors for White Cabinets

  • Blue: You can find different shades of blue ranging from royal blue to sea blue and darker and lighter shades. These colors can add contrast to white cabinets.
  • Gray: If you want a color to get a soothing and neutral effect, you cannot go wrong with any variety of gray granite.
  • Tan: You can use lighter shade of tan to get a subtle, yet elegant look. But, the darker shades will add more contrast.
  • Red: When you choose granite colors in this family, you can play around with deep maroons or lighter salmon pink shades.
  • Green: You can create lots of drama with dark and light greens. This contrast can be balanced out perfectly with a neutral backsplash to create a beautiful space.
  • Black: This is most common color that is used along with white cabinets. You can use solid black to add a stark contrast or a hint of red to get a contemporary look.

Regardless of the granite colors that you choose for bathroom or kitchen, you are guaranteed to get a countertop that can transform the overall look of the space. With many stunning colors to select from, there is no doubt that granite is ideal for any décor.